The MESC ClickView programs are available online to staff and students via ClickView Online

Students and staff are able to access the MESC ClickView anytime and anywhere using your computer, laptop, netbook, iPad, iPhone, Android devices via ClickView Online (at College and home) and the ClickView App (which can be downloaded from the App Store).  This means that staff can effectively plan which content to use in lessons and students can easily access programs at home for research, assignments and homework.

New programs are added to our collection regularly both from free-to-air television and commercial providers where copyright allows.   Please be aware that students will only have access to programs according to their age, school year level and the Program Classification as determined under the ‘Australian Classification Scheme’.  See documents below for details.

Student Access to ClickView

ClickView Online – this can be accessed both at the College and at home.  A great way to catch up with and/or revise work completed in class.  Note: you will need to use your MESC credentials (username/password) to login.

ClickView Apps – download the free CV App for iOS and Android devices (via the App Store and Google Play) to access our collection and use the other features available.  Note: you will need to use your MESC credentials (username/password) to login.

If students are having troubles logging in or have any other queries regarding this then please contact us –

Staff Access
Staff have access to ClickView as above and will be able to view all program classifications.  Staff will also need to login using their MESC credentials (ie College username and password).  If staff are having troubles logging in or accessing programs then please contact us –

As well as our own collection staff also have access to the ClickView Exchange collection (this is not available to students) which comprises programs uploaded by schools across Australia.  There are over 30,000 titles in this collection, some of which we may already have.   Staff are able to request any of these programs be added to our own collection (which will then enable students to have access).  A link at the top right of the program details will enable you to ‘push to publisher’ these requests.

Other features of ClickView Online include the easy ability to send and share links for specific programs with others (who will be prompted to login using their email and password), the ease of embedding programs into wikis, blogs, etc. and the ability to create your own interactive programs or use existing ones.

Please note:  Although staff have access to the ‘Media Store’  they are not able to purchase items.

If staff have any questions and/or would like a refresher session on using any aspects of ClickView then please contact us –

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