Book Trailers

Book trailers are a form of advertising for a book and are often produced by publishers and sometimes authors themselves to promote their books.  They can be produced quite simply using PowerPoint presentations, or other app based programs, and have become quite popular as a way of introducing and marketing books.

Students can create their own book trailer which can be a powerful learning experience, combining learning goals from reading, writing, technology and the arts to produce a real product that they can share with others.

Where to find book trailers

Digital Booktalk – a specialist K-12 site, hosting work by students and others.
Comic Book Trailers – specialises in trailers for comics.
Booktease – the website of an Australian book trailer creator

Please let us know if you have any book trailer sites to share with others –

Creating Your Own Book Trailer

You can find out more about book trailers from author Brian Falkner by visiting the ‘Inside a Dog’ website

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