Academic Honesty

Mount Eliza Secondary College’s ‘Academic Honesty Policy’ is based on the IB learner profile (IB, 2013) which is a clear and concise expression of the IB’s objectives and values.  Members of the IB community (and MESC community) must strive to be principled: “act with integrity and honest, with a strong sense of fairness and justice.  Students must take responsibility for their actions and consequences.”

Academic honesty refers to work that is based on the student’s own ideas and which properly acknowledge others’ authorship and ideas.  Therefore, in all work that is submitted by a student, his/her original language and expression must be used.  When other sources are used or referenced, whether directly or paraphrasing, these must be document appropriately.  This could be via ‘in-text’ citations and/or a Bibliography – refer to ‘Bibliographies, References,Citations’ for detailed examples and ‘SLASA Online Referencing Generator’.

The following resources have been created to use with students and enable them to gain an understanding of what this means for them as a student:

Academic Honesty – powerpoint

Bibliographies – powerpoint

Copyright and Fair Dealing – powerpoint

Creative Commons – powerpoint

Referencing – powerpoint